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A gentle fog coats the horizon.  A low sun reflects in the ice.  Crystals hanging in the air that is cold and crisp tickling the nose hair. With each new step the dense white mounds yield with shrieking protest rising up like an alarm….  


Via C19 travel restrictions and eco-tourism limitations I am forced to temper my experience of my homeland. Like most people of the world who will never have a first-hand experience of the Earth’s polar caps I toured the Arctic and Antarctic regions via every YouTube video I could watch. These online images define the populist arctic experience both now and in the future once the ice caps have melt away.


During my "tour" I took many photographs (screenshots) of my expedition adventures.  The images memorialize icebergs as they have been. .  The images memorialize icebergs as they have been. The images are mediated first by the person making the video, the quality of imaging technology and the fortitude of the online streaming connection, and I manipulate them so they piece together. This is an ongoing meditative process, collecting, coveting and preserving.

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