“The Photograph does not necessarily say what is no longer, but only and for certain what has been” (Camera Lucida pp 85).

Early polar expedition was reserved for wealthy adventurers and less than a century later it has been replaced by eco-tourism. While polar explorers  sought the coitus of discovery eco-tourists travel to see the magnificent spectacle of the death of the arctic/antarctic ecosystem.  Most people will not witness this live; eco-tourism from home is so convenient and much more cost effective.

I toured the arctic and antarctic regions via every YouTube video I could find. Along the way I took many photographs (screenshots) of my expedition adventures.  The images memorialize icebergs as they have been, not in the throws of death.  Through the subversion of the bromoil process I give these still images the quality of life and time.  Images appear from a seemingly empty page and with care and viewing under a “safe light” they can be easily preserved. Without proper care and conservation the images will disappear forever.

 © 2020 by Susan E. Evans

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