Goethean Science challenges us to consider awareness, observation, and metaphysical sensitivity to the way we engage with the natural world. Attraction or spiritual connection with the land is a recognition of a call to touch and covet. Physical contact thus becomes the door that opens us to whatever an encounter might hold. 


Using Light and photo-sensitive materials I distill, record, and give phenomenological evidence of my intersection with the places around me. Intuitively I forage where I am, places I am connected to. I don’t seek specific materials and only gather what is available. Based around the writings of Nancy Pobanz and with ethical foraging in mind I only take what I will use and offer thanks in a variety of ways that feel sincere: saying ‘Thank You;’ feeling gratitude deeply; taking no more than 10%; picking up trash and leaving no trace. I spend time learning about these lands, their flora and their history and then seek opportunities and friendships with others connected to the land to share and collaborate.